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Rules and deadlines
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Asylum Group's Remix Competition
Rules and deadlines

It's your chance to get your remix released!

Remix our "Track Number X"

Here's how it works

To enter the competition you must send us your remix in .mp3 format, or send us the link to your remix, where we can download it.

If Asylum Group conciders your remix to be a suficiently high artistic standard your remix will be eligible for being included on the single.

By December 2001 Asylum Group will select the five remixes which Asylum Group conciders the best.

Full title of your remix will be written on the cover as well as information about the remixer.

By the end of the competition all remixes that will not appear on the CD will be available for streaming (not for downloading).


1. you are over the age of 18 and legally entitled to enter into this agreement and competition that the terms set out will be enforcable against you;

2. you are free to enter into this agreement and are not party to any agreement or other commitment preventing perfomance of your services or the assignments set out above;

3. all material included in your remix will be original to you and will not infringe the rights of any third party or be defamatory.

4. You will have no right to and will not use the track or any part of the recording of the track or your remix other than as envisaged by this agreement.