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Asylum Group's Remix Competition

Third Edition


01. Introduction
02. Flower
03. Go Home part one
04. Original (union mix)
05. In Case Of Emergency (Dial 911)
06. Track Number X
07. Dance Near The Lake
08. Bugs
09. Go Home part two
10. Dangerous Feelings
11. N-Gel
12. UT Hymn (Dark Ambient Remix)

Track Number X


01. Album Version
02. X-Tended Number
03. Head 278 remix (G. Tochkin)
04. KLs Silky Bulldozer Mix
05. Loopy Lizard Remix
06-14 Sample Library
(Loops&Sounds to create your own
 version of "Track Number X")

"Third Edition"

Asylum Group "Third Edition"

Release date: May 12, 2001

"Track Number X" (your remix can be on this CD)

Asylum Group "Track Number X"

Release date : April 2002